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Why Preplan?

Many people ask why it is important to preplan one’s own funeral. They say that thinking about one’s own demise provokes anxiety and uncertainty.  On the other hand, leaving funeral arrangements to others is fraught with anxieties and uncertainties as well. Who will make the arrangements? What will be the emotional hardship involved? How will the funeral be paid? These are all questions that need answers.

Funeral Preplanning provides those answers.

Preplanning your funeral gives you the power to choose the funeral and burial arrangements ahead of time in a logical and well thought out manner. This ensures that your final wishes are honored by family who may otherwise be too emotionally drained to remember your funeral and burial specifications.

In addition, there are always hard decisions to make regarding funeral and burial arrangements of a loved one. When there are more than one immediate family member making the decisions it can be hard to come to an agreement at a time when emotions are taxed. Family members may appreciate that the emotional hardship involved in planning a funeral and making decisions has been eliminated.

Preplan and save!

Paying for a funeral can be heavy on the pocket, especially at such a difficult time as when a loved one departs. By preplanning the funeral and burial you will be putting away funds in a secure third party escrow account for your funeral expenses. This will eliminate the need for immediate family members to come up with the money themselves. Prepaying can also help you save your family members money since the money is locked into the trust at the current cost. Your family members will not have to pay the additional costs of inflation when the time comes.

Preplanning is safe and secure!

Prearrangement funds are safe since they are designated with the help of a lawyer and then placed in the trust of Albany Prearrangement Planning who holds the funds until needed. There are two ways to fund the prearrangement plan. You can choose to pay in installments over a specified amount of time or you can pay all at once. There won’t be any additional charges to your funeral plan. The costs of inflation will be offset by the interest accrued from the prearrangement funds placed in the trust.

Your funeral choices will be honored to the letter. However, your heirs may request additional services that were not predetermined on your funeral plan such as posting notices in newspapers or procuring additional death certificates. These additional services will be adhered to so long as it respects your wishes. Additional costs may apply.

Free Consultation!

Our consultation for prearrangement planning is free of charge and our consultant keeps your wishes confidential until they need to be revealed. We advise, discuss and plan with you until you are comfortable with your choices. Your questions are welcomed and answered in a clear and informative manner. The necessary forms are filled out with our help and expertise.

Funeral Preplanning

A dedicated Chevrah Kadisha consultant expert is standing by to help you preplan safely and to ensure your needs are met!

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Whether you are nearing old age or prior to entering a nursing home, funeral prearrangement planning is a logical strategy to ensure that your final wishes are honored.

Though preplanning and prepaying your funeral are difficult steps to take, once taken it will alleviate your concerns about the last moments.