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                                           in the lands of the living (Psalms Chapter 116 Verse 9).
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First Call Removal

As soon as a death is declared, family members go into a state of grieving. At this most difficult time, we are ready to come and remove the deceased while preserving dignity. We come at your discretion and remain at the premises for as long as necessary to allow for respectful removal. Your first call to us is the beginning of the relationship between you and us and we will pull you through all the arrangements and legalities until post burial.


When someone dies, Jewish law mandates that the deceased not be left alone. This is a sign of respect for the deceased and a comfort for family members. We provide a shomer for the deceased from the moment of death until burial. The shomer remains in the same room as the deceased the entire time. In addition, the shomer recites comforting psalms or the book of Job as he is involved in shemira. Deceased females are watched by women and deceased males by men.


Before burial, the deceased is readied to meet his maker in a pure state. We engage pious people to perform the tahara according to Jewish traditions and customs in a dignified and simple manner. This involves cleansing, ritually washing and dressing the deceased in tachrichim. Special prayers are recited to lift the soul and ready it for eternal rest.

Jewish tradition mandates that the deceased be buried in simple white tachrichim, (shrouds).  Traditionally, these garments are handmade from muslin or linen as befitting someone who is about to enter G-d’s chambers.

Funeral services at graveside or in synagogues

Some people want funeral services at the graveside while others want it in the synagogue. Whatever your choice, we provide all services. At the funeral service all attendees recite the psalms, and rabbis, mourners or/and comforters eulogize the deceased. We provide psalms, help with kriah and the blessing of Dayan Ha’emet, last goodbye’s as well as pall bearing services at the graveside or synagogue.  

The difference between a synagogue and graveside funeral are as follows: Graveside funerals eliminate the funeral procession on the street. The funeral is also shorter at the graveside since certain aspects of the funeral service is repeated when it is held first at the synagogue and then at the graveside. A graveside service has all the same elements as a funeral begun at the synagogue. In inclement weather it may be preferable to have a synagogue service.

A funeral service at the synagogue assures that there is space for all mourners and comforters. Indoor services also provide the advantage that everyone can hear the eulogies better and it offers seating, which is pertinent for the elderly or ill. Funeral services that are started at the synagogue are continued at the graveside during the interment.


The burial takes place after the ceremony at the synagogue or the graveside. Pallbearers, who are usually comforters who are close to the deceased, carry the coffin from the synagogue to the hearse and from the hearse to the burial site. We are there to ensure a ceremony that runs smoothly and with the respect and dignity that the deceased and mourners deserve.

Contact Us Burial Services

One of the strongest commandments in the Torah is that of providing respectful treatment of the deceased and to bury promptly. Burial even takes precedence over any other positive scriptural commandment with mourners prohibited from doing these commandments before the deceased has been buried. The Torah commands that the deceased be buried promptly and that the body not be left overnight except under special circumstances. While prompt burial is crucial to maintain the dignity of the deceased, it is commendable to wait for a proper burial attended by next of kin and respectable Rabbis, even if it delays the burial. Burials can take place at any time of day and evening and every day of the week except on the Sabbath and major Jewish Holidays.

We Provide all Burial Services